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Why 20s are so confusing?


Your first 20s will decide your next 80s.

After saying bye to your teens. You enter the chapter of your life which will help you to create a better future for yourself and that’s your TWENTIES! Where you will be able to have millions of thoughts regarding what you really want to do with your life? How do you want your life to be look-alike? Either you want to have experience of real-world or you just want to study with all your focus without any distraction! You can say the twenties are a huge box of confusion.

The time you spend in your 20s is the most crucial to your development as a person. At this period of your life, you want yourself to be more independent. There is no manual to help & guide you through this loud time.

This age range of 20-30 years is really full of struggle and it is also very dreamy. It is so difficult to attain that perfect balance between being a realist and an idealist. We want to change the world with all that fire inside us and we think that nothing is impossible until faced with a harsh reality.

We all have an unknown future ahead of us, and we all know millions of us are going through same struggle every day. But we have told ourself that everything will fall into right place and it will make sense. As of now, sit back and let life unravel itself as its own sweet pace! Because sometimes no plan is the best plan. 


1: REALIST: A realist is someone who look as the things as they are in life and deal with them in particular manner.
When you are realist, you see the world ‘as it is’. The natural tendency of yours is to look at all sides of an issue objectively. Unlike most people, realists are not as easily influenced by unconscious bias or idealistic plans. Rather they prefer the truth.

2: DREAMER: They spend lot of time thinking about and planning for things that they would like to happen which is impractical.
Dreamer are always day dreaming the things. They expect the unexpected. They are the one who believe in all dreamy things. They often think about somewhere else, instead of paying attention to what is happening where they are now.

3: CRITIC:  A person who disapproves something or someone: a person who criticizes someone or something. They often give judgments to people.
They give positive and negative judgement. They tend to inspect and murmur on every little issue after which they would create issue on it and pass unwanted, negative thoughts.

If that’s not enough, critical people are always ready to discourage you. Rather than praise, they seem to only know how to criticize.

So now you have to decide which person you want to be


Few tips to slap the confusion out of you and replace with desire and drive!

  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Don’t count your failures
  • Don’t postponed your passion
  • Don’t be in your comfort zone
  • Don’t pretend you’re okay

Few tips to say hello to your conclusion out of you and say bye to your confusion

  • Do compare yourself with you only
  • Do invest in yourself
  • Do your self-analysis
  • Do have a goal-oriented vision
  • Surround yourself with good people

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